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1. Kestrel’s Map of WorldwideInstallations and Partners  

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Kestrel Wind Turbines understands that its customers demand high performance and convenience from small wind turbines. Above all things, Kestrel Wind Turbines is committed to quality.

Through the strict adherence to quality standards and continuous development of Kestrel technology Kestrelís wind turbines are one of the best performing and most efficient wind power systems. By increasing reliability and improving performance Kestrelís wind technology will become more cost effective than other personal renewable alternatives. Kestrel and its employees are committed to renewable energy generation in order to reduce the use of fossil fuels or non-geothermal energy and will continuously develop Kestrel technology.

Kestrelís employees are continuously consolidating current wind turbines in the Kestrel range to ensure the highest quality product is distributed. Each wind turbine is sold with Kestrelís promise to make installation and maintenance procedures as much of a learning and fulfilling experience as possible. Kestrelís dealers are entrusted with after sale support and are empowered to support Kestrelís customers in optimising their renewable energy set up.

Founded in 1999, Kestrel is a South African based company that has been serving the international market for small wind turbines since its inception. Kestrel customers range from large corporate organisations, small to medium size businesses to local authorities, government departments as well as private consumers. The Kestrel experience is interactive and filled with information about local wind resources and potential power yield. In 2006 Kestrel joined Eveready (South Africa) as Eveready Diversified Products in order to better serve its needs and the needs of the Kestrel customer.

Description 1. Kestrel’s Map of WorldwideInstallations and Partners  

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