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Where in existing data or electrical networks performance needs revision or improvement, Partners in Business can give you access to a wide range of consultancy services. We can work on a one to one basis for developing and implementing solutions and plans that will meet the customers' specific needs:

We have adjusted the field of design and development of our services which will consist of the following areas:

         Early examination of the design and the specifications of the project.

         Analysis of all possible gray areas on the terms of sustainability and risk assessment.

         Delivery modeling design review, offering suggestions & comments based on experience of similar projects in past.

         Prepare for the potential savings in human or financial resources.

         Draw a cooperation list of all teams involved in order to coordinate the project.

         Perform an analysis with the features and specifications of lighting options from various manufacturers for consideration by the engineers, the architect and owner.

         Preparation of detailed blueprints for the electrical rooms and the computer room areas or collection of cables.

         Delivery of as-built plans for updating any change during the project.

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